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Betty O'Dell
Dec 08, 2017
He was a “treasured “ neighbor🌞. We always enjoyed his visits during the garage sales, along with his stories about Jan's mowing, tilling etc.. he will missed by all who knew him.
Molly Cantrell
Dec 08, 2017
What little time I got to meet him at Jan's house he was a very nice and pleasant man. May he Rest In Peace.
Tammy Reed Doyle
Dec 06, 2017
I am so sorry for your family's loss. I enjoyed getting to know Danny when he would visit his neighbor, my sister, during our yard sales. He always made me laugh! May you be filled with wonderful memories that bring you peace.
LeeWayne Cole
Dec 05, 2017
I was so heartbroken to hear that Danny had passed. I had been trying to keep up with him from location to location since he had gotten sick. Danny has always been a fanatic at keeping his yard and vehicles along with his house in pristine order. Since he fell sick, I took it upon myself to try to keep up his property and let me tell you, it is a task to nip and tuck, polish and shine like Danny. My Friend, you will be greatly missed by me and my family. The memories you left for us will live on forever in our hearts. I'm thankful that you no longer suffer because you fought hard. We love you Danny!
Jan Reed
Dec 05, 2017
Danny was my next door neighbor and I saw him almost every day. Without a doubt, he was the very BEST neighbor to live next to -- and all of his neighbors will miss him very much. Danny was always smiling, always teasing us, and he was also very helpful when someone needed it. Before he got so sick he was ALWAYS outside – either doing something on his house, or in his yard, or on his vehicles -- and he inspired all of us to work just as hard to "Keep up with the Jones!" I seriously think that he mowed his yard everyday -- maybe sometimes twice a day -- you never saw a tall blade of grass in his yard! He would sometimes talk about how much he spent on gas per week for his semi-truck ...-- and I would tease him that he probably spent more on gas for his tractor. He liked his big boy toys -- his trucks, cars, mower/tractor, motorcycle, 4-wheeler, power tools – and they all had to be shiny toys – because he would chrome everything he owned – and then keep them shined up with no specks of dust -- and blind us from the shine when we met him on the road! I guess that was the marine in him? This spring I was very sick and was not able to mow my yard for a few weeks -- and he kept it mowed for me until I got better -- and this was all while he was in pain himself! I teased him that he just couldn’t stand to look at the tall grass when he sat on his front porch. In our neighborhood, people are always out walking or biking – and eventually EVERYONE going by would get to know Danny because he would talk to you – he loved for you to stop to visit and sit a spell on his front porch. He fixed up his back porch a year ago but never used it when he realized he was missing out visiting with his neighbors as they walked by! I suspect that he never really let us know about how much pain and suffering he was actually having with his very long-term illnesses. Danny has been really strong over the last couple of years while dealing with his cancer and other health issues -- and amazed us when he pulled through several times . With his most recent health issues he really suffered a lot – but we were praying hard and believed that he would pull through with this last one too – now he will no longer be suffering and he will be with God watching over us – and mowing heaven’s grass! I will think about my neighbor every day – and I am grateful that he is no longer suffering – but I will miss him very much. Sending love and peace to his family.Read more

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